This Week’s Progressive Christian Bible Study: Romans Chapter Four

Justified By Faith Romans 4 Today in our ongoing study of the apostle Paul’s New Testament letters from beginning to end, we find ourselves moving on to Romans chapter 4. If there are any new readers who don’t have chapters 1 through 3, email my business mail box and I’ll send them back as Word, […]

The Writings of the apostle Paul: This week — Romans One

Jews And Non-Jews Are One And The Same [Romans chapter 1] Today I will begin a series of studies on the writings of the apostle Paul in the order they appear in the New Testament, beginning with the book of Romans. The book of Romans elaborates on the apostle Paul’s ministry in great detail (others […]

Economic Injustice — America’s Workers Need a Major Turnaround

Solving America’s Economic Problems: What’s the First Step? by Rev. Paul J. Bern (excerpt from chapter 7 of his 2012 book, “Occupying America: We Shall Overcome“) As the financial industry‚Äôs largest players have been unleashed by the US Supreme Court (among others) to pursue profit for themselves at all costs, the dreadful consequences have made […]

America In Biblical Prophecy? Where Does It Say That?

Is The USA In Biblical End Times Prophecy? By Rev. Paul J. Bern By now you all know or have heard and read the various arguments about America’s role in Biblical prophecy, both pro and con. There are those who say the US isn’t the Bible and many others who insist that it is. These […]

The writings of the apostle Paul: Romans chapter three

God’s Faithfulness Surpasses All Our Good Deeds [Romans chapter 3] In today’s study we will be moving on to chapter three of the book of Romans, where we find the apostle Paul continuing his remarks from the end of chapter two where he proved conclusively that being a Jew or a Gentile outwardly does not […]