Occupy Wall St. third anniversary is this entire month, and OWS isn’t going anywhere

We Are the 99%: The Focus of Our Rage (part two) by Rev. Paul J. Bern At the conclusion of the first half of this essay last week, the topic was free health care. Not that I wish to demand a handout from anyone or anything, it’s just that good health through preventative medicine is […]

This week for Bible study we will conclude chapter one of 1st Corinthians

Man’s Wisdom Is Foolishness To God [1st Corinthians 1, verses 18-31] In today’s lesson we will finish up the first chapter of First Corinthians in our continuing series on the writings of the apostle Paul. In last weeks lesson we went into detail regarding Paul’s appeal to the early church for unity among its members. […]

It’s the third anniversary of the Occupy and 99% Movements. Happy anniversary!

We Are the 99%: The Focus of Our Rage (part one) by Rev. Paul J. Bern On this third anniversary of the Occupy and 99% Movements, I have given a lot of thought and engaged in plenty of research regarding the plight of middle America, and what should and should not be done to bring […]

This week’s Bible study starts a series on First Corinthians

Beginning The First Book Of Corinthians [1st Corinthians 1, verses 1-17] Today’s Bible study continues our chronological series on the writings of the apostle Paul in the order of their appearance in the Bible. Today we will begin an in-depth study of the first Book of Corinthians in the New Testament. This epistle is the […]

Our greed-based capitalist system is breaking down. Maybe that’s not so bad after all.

America’s Tax and Monetary Systems Are Broken Excerpts from the book, “Occupying America: We Shall Overcome” by Rev. Paul J. Bern Wall Street has gotten completely out of control when it comes to the salaries, and especially the outrageous bonuses, being paid to top management, sales and other executives. This problem has been ongoing for […]

For this week’s Bible study, we’ll close out the book of Romans from a Progressive Christian perspective.

Finishing Up The Book of Romans Today I will complete the study of the book of Romans that I started some weeks ago. I will conclude this series by selecting some passages from the end of chapter 15 through all of chapter 16. The following quotes from Scripture are a summary of Paul’s closing thoughts […]

Those who try to marry religion and politics are setting themselves up for failure

Christian Hypocrisy In Washington DC by Rev. Paul J. Bern Remember when we were kids in school? We used to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag every day. Among other things, the pledge calls us “one nation under God”. Judging from how things are going in Washington these days we have become anything […]

For this week’s Bible study, we’ll go over the first half of Romans 15

The God of Hope And Endurance [Romans 15, verses 1-13]   For this week’s Bible study I will begin with the first 13 verses of Romans chapter 15. In these verses, the apostle Paul is talking about how Christians should be building each other up, and of being supportive of one another in the face […]