This week’s Bible study will be 1st Corinthians chapter 6 (part one)

Of Lawsuits And Judgments [1st Corinthians 6, verses 1 through11] In today’s chronological study of the writings of the apostle Paul, we will examine the first half of First Corinthians chapter six. We’ll tackle the second half next week because there is so much in this chapter that to breeze through it in one lesson […]

The ‘mark of the beast’ is already here. Can the Antichrist be far behind? It’s time to beware!

Nine Scary New Technologies That Big Brother Wants to Implant Inside You by Rev. Paul J. Bern The world we live in is finally starting to catch up with the book of Revelation in the back of the Bible. Thousands of years ago, God declared through His prophets that in the last days there would […]

This week’s Bible study is on 1st Corinthians chapter 5

You Can’t Have It Both Ways [1st Corinthians chapter 5] In today’s Bible study we will move on to First Corinthians chapter five. In this particular chapter the apostle Paul gives the church at Corinth a real good scolding for putting up with evil and immorality within their church. This passage of Scripture is just […]

8 Ideas For Turning America Around

The USA Is Becoming A Failed State: 8 Simple Steps to Turn It Around by Rev. Paul J. Bern As I look around me today, I see the United States of America as a failing country. There are just too many things going wrong with our country today. Failing to adequately tackle the problems in […]

This week’s Bible study will be 1st Corinthians chapter four

Waiting On God’s Judgment [1st Corinth. 4] In today’s Bible study we will explore First Corinthians chapter 4. This chapter is actually a continuation of the apostle Paul’s train of thought, where he was taking the early church at Corinth to task over multiple divisions from within. He makes the point that it doesn’t matter […]

Malala and the Nobel Prize: Setting the standard for the world

Building on Malala’s foundation: Jesus and all God’s children by Rev. Paul J. Bern As I scrolled through the morning news on my computer Friday, it gave me pause when I saw who had won the Nobel Prize for Peace. The Web news said it all: (provided courtesy of CNN) “You have to love Malala. […]

This week’s Bible study will be 1st Corinthians chapter 3

Building On The Foundation Of Christ [1st Corinth. chapter 3] This week’s Bible study of the writings of the apostle Paul will be on the third chapter of St. Paul’s first letter to the church at Corinth. In this passage of Scripture, Paul is teaching about building on the foundation of Christ as a way […]

Occupy Wall St has set up shop in Hong Kong. What took them so long?

I Was Just Wondering Why More Christians Don’t “Occupy” or Count Themselves Among “the 99%” by Rev. Paul J. Bern In light of all the recent news reports about the rioting in Hong Kong and the civil war in Syria, I have recently concluded that either an Occupy-style political movement, or the formation of active […]

Our Bible study for this week will be First Corinthians chapter two

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