This week’s Bible study will be 1st Thessalonians chapter five

Preparing Ourselves For the Day of the Lord [1st Thessalonians chapter 5] When I closed out 1st Thessalonians chapter four last week, you no doubt recall my interpretation that we are to be living each day of our lives as if it will be our last. I cannot overemphasize this important truth, nor is it […]

The 4 blood moons, the Shemitah, and end times prophecy: true or false?

Shemitah 2015: The Year of Release and Coming Judgment For America? By Rev. Paul J. Bern Much is being made currently regarding the timing of the four blood moons, the Jewish Shemitah year, and the rise and fall of America’s economy, military, and federal government. The first blood moon occurred on April 15th, 2014, the […]

This week’s Bible study will be 1st Thessalonians chapter 4

Living Our Lives For God [1st Thessalonians chapter 4] Last week when we left off at the end of chapter three of 1st Thessalonians, we found the apostle Paul exhorting and motivating the early Church for Christ’s return. Paul wrote “may our God and Father himself and our Lord Jesus… strengthen your hearts so that […]

This was the week America found out just how bad its public schools have become

American Public Schools = Social Injustice: High School Engineering Prodigy Suspended For Being Too Intelligent by Rev. Paul J. Bern Social and economic injustice are my two pet peeves when it comes to life within these United States, and that’s exactly what has transpired this past week. On this past Monday, September 14th, Irving Texas […]

This week’s Bible study will be 1st Thessalonians chapter 3

Persecution of Christianity Is On Our Horizon [1st Thessalonians chapter three] When we left off last week, we had just finished chapter two of 1st Thessalonians. In it and our study of Paul’s letters to the early churches, we found the apostle Paul commenting at length about the ongoing persecution of the followers of Christ […]


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Emotional pain is the trap-door that led to his addictions. Fantasies and Denial are his natural coping-methods. Chemically-induced-joy best fit his personal predilections, Of dream-world-avoidance over facing-truth-methods. Belonging- in-the- wrong-crowd fulfill Mom’s predictions, A life of crimes he chose as feeding drug-habit-methods. Dope-fiend! Hop-Head! Addict! His personal distinctions; Lost-Joy-Popper! Adrift with…

Instead of attracting people, churches are driving them away! What’s up with that?

Many Modern Churches Are Driving People Away From God By Rev. Paul J. Bern It has been my observation for quite some time now that the majority of modern churches (regardless of denomination) who portray themselves as “evangelical” or “seeker friendly”, are unintentionally driving people away while claiming to do the opposite! I’ve had a […]