Why You Don’t — And Won’t — Fit In

What does it mean to ‘fit in’? Or is not fitting in more meaningful?

This Woman Writes by Carolyn Henderson

“They do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world.” John 17:16

If you did not fit into the group at high school, you won’t fit into our contemporary corporate-based society.

That’s the bad news — although it really isn’t bad news. It just seems like bad news because, as human beings, we like to belong — to be embraced by those around us, to be a part of “normal” and accepted.

However, when “normal” is restrictive, and being accepted into its embrace involves giving up one’s individuality, then not belonging — while it feels painful — is actually the better thing.

Many People Don’t Fit In

Many, many people in the world today feel as if they do not fit in. Some of them realize this; others, in a state of denial, keep subverting who and what they are and submit to the strictures of…

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