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Emotional pain is the trap-door that led to his addictions. Fantasies and Denial are his natural coping-methods. Chemically-induced-joy best fit his personal predilections, Of dream-world-avoidance over facing-truth-methods. Belonging- in-the- wrong-crowd fulfill Mom’s predictions, A life of crimes he chose as feeding drug-habit-methods. Dope-fiend! Hop-Head! Addict! His personal distinctions; Lost-Joy-Popper! Adrift with…

Instead of attracting people, churches are driving them away! What’s up with that?

Many Modern Churches Are Driving People Away From God By Rev. Paul J. Bern It has been my observation for quite some time now that the majority of modern churches (regardless of denomination) who portray themselves as “evangelical” or “seeker friendly”, are unintentionally driving people away while claiming to do the opposite! I’ve had a […]

This week’s Bible study will be 1st Thessalonians chapter two

Better to Please God Than Other People [1st Thessalonians chapter 2] Last week when we concluded chapter one of 1st Thessalonians, the apostle Paul was telling the church that “your faith in God has become known everywhere”. You will also recall that I urged all of you to live the same way. Today as we […]