This week’s Bible study will be 1st Timothy chapter 1

Saving Us From Our Sins is God’s Top Priority [First Timothy chapter 1] Today we will be moving on to the apostle Paul’s first letter to Timothy, better known simply as First Timothy. As we begin our study of chapter one, we find Paul giving a serious warning to Timothy about false teachers and bogus […]

Endless War in an Allegedly Christian Nation

The Hypocrisy Of War In A Nation That Professes Christianity by Rev. Paul J. Bern Being the proactive Christian and Jesus follower that I am, I make it my business to follow current events, particularly anything having to do with Israel and the Middle East (since the majority of Bible prophecy has to do with […]

For this week’s Bible study we’ll finish up 2nd Thessalonians

The Works of Our Hands Are An Offering to God [2nd Thessalonians chapter 3] Last week when we finished the second chapter of 2nd Thessalonians, we left off with the apostle Paul’s warnings and exhortations about the antichrist and the End Times before His return. Of course, there were evidently a good-sized number of the […]

An Economic Crash Is Coming, and It Will Be the Government’s Fault When It Happens

If Capitalism (and Deficits) Were Replaced With A Bible Based Monetary System, Could That System Be Made Workable? By Rev. Paul J. Bern Just last week, Congress passed yet another legislative patch for our country’s broken-down patchwork monetary system so the US government won’t run out of money. But it has been my observation that […]

This week’s Bible study will move on to 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2

End Times Warnings From the Apostle Paul [2nd Thessalonians chapter 2] As I wrote when I closed out our study of Second Thessalonians chapter one, “God always protects and he never fails”. Today as we plunge into the refreshing waters of the writings of the apostle Paul we will examine chapter two in detail. As […]

Modern-day Russia and America in Biblical prophecy

Russia’s Move Into Syria Fulfills Bible Prophecy by Rev. Paul J. Bern I have been following the news intently throughout the Middle East as usual, but the Russian incursion into Syria that has been ongoing for 12 straight days has really piqued my interest. The CIA’s completely inept attempt to arm and train “moderate” (whatever […]

This week’s Bible study will be 2nd Thessalonians chapter 1

Maintaining An Attitude of Thankfulness and Prayer [2nd Thessalonians chapter 1] Today we will begin our study of 2nd Thessalonians in our ongoing study of the writings of the apostle Paul. Since chapter one is fairly short by Paul’s standards, we will be able to cover this quickly and with relative ease before moving on […]

Some deep thoughts regarding the shootings in Oregon this past week

What Kind of People Do We Want To Be? By Rev. Paul J. Bern I was having a casual conversation with someone just recently, and there came a point where I was asked, “What to you do?”. I replied that I was a minister and a writer, as well as a blogger and political activist. […]