What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Taking Care Of One Another – More Than Just a Nice Idea by Rev. Paul J. Bern It goes without saying that we are now living in a world which seems to be imploding on itself. As I write this, over five million middle class American jobs have been exported overseas by US multinational corporations, […]

This week’s Bible study is 2nd Timothy chapter 4

The Apostle Paul’s Final Instructions to Timothy [ 2nd Timothy chapter 4] Today we will be finishing the rest of 2nd Timothy by exploring chapter four. This letter to Timothy and the greater Church at that time is the last known epistle of the apostle Paul. As you will see, he was awaiting his execution […]

Jesus vs Religion: There Is No Comparison

Contrasting the Ministry of Christ With Modern Religion by Rev. Paul J. Bern Part of the meaning of Progressive Christianity is the examination of the Bible in its original context without all the trappings and fallacies of organized religion. For this week’s message, I want to talk and write about when Jesus fed the crowd […]

This week’s Bible study will be 2nd Timothy chapter 3

Stick With God If You Want to Escape the Coming Destruction [2nd Timothy chapter three] Last week when we closed out the 2nd chapter of 2nd Timothy, the apostle Paul was warning Timothy – and ultimately everyone who aspires to walk with Christ – to keep themselves away from Satan’s trap of quarrels and what […]

In Honor of Rev. Dr. King Jr.

I Dare To Dream (excerpt from “The Middle and Working Class Manifesto” (3rd edition) by Rev. Paul J. Bern) The maniacal march of economic inequality, from which springs the source of racism, poverty, crime, violence, and lack of access to health care and higher education, has become the new civil rights issue of the 21st […]

This week’s Bible study will be the rest of 2nd Timothy chapter 2

Calling Out To The Lord With a Pure Heart [2nd Timothy chapter 2, verses 19-26] When we left off at verse 18 last week, the apostle Paul was warning his protege’, or more accurately his deacon Timothy, to be wary of those who had wandered away from the truth and who refused to come back […]

Mainstream Christianity Needs to Get Its Act Together

All the Things Mainstream Christianity Gets Terribly Wrong Gives Me a Feeling of Total Dismay by Rev. Paul J. Bern Once in a while I have one of those days where it seems like I’m the only soldier on the twin battlefields of truth and justice fighting in the sacred name of Christ, and today […]

This week’s Bible study will be the first half of 2nd Timothy chapter 2

Being a Good Soldier For Christ [2nd Timothy chapter 2, verses 1-18] Today as we continue our study of the 2nd letter to Timothy as written by the great apostle Paul, we’ll be going over the first half of chapter two because it is rather lengthy. In this chapter, as Paul continues his thoughts on […]