Mainstream Christianity Needs to Get Its Act Together

All the Things Mainstream Christianity Gets Terribly Wrong Gives Me a Feeling of Total Dismay by Rev. Paul J. Bern Once in a while I have one of those days where it seems like I’m the only soldier on the twin battlefields of truth and justice fighting in the sacred name of Christ, and today […]

This week’s Bible study will be the first half of 2nd Timothy chapter 2

Being a Good Soldier For Christ [2nd Timothy chapter 2, verses 1-18] Today as we continue our study of the 2nd letter to Timothy as written by the great apostle Paul, we’ll be going over the first half of chapter two because it is rather lengthy. In this chapter, as Paul continues his thoughts on […]

Twenty Five Uncomfortable Truths

You Shall Not Bear False Witness: 25 Uncomfortable Facts The Mainstream Media Wouldn’t Discuss in 2015 by Rev. Paul J. Bern The Ninth Commandment, as it written in the Book of Exodus chapter 20 along with other nine, is very explicit – you shall not lie (or “thou shalt not”, if you prefer). Yet for […]