Unthinkable pt2

more evidence that legalism and tradition aren’t always good….

walking on the narrow path.

Heb 13:20-21 Rev12:10-11 lev 17:14

He must decipher what is Christian and what is culture. Leaglism and traditions still runs deep in some churches. You cannot attach things to the blood of Jesus so you can be saved. Salvation is a free gift. The blood saves you and qualifies you to do the work. Your works will never qualify you. When we receive salvation it is his victory not our victory. When we start to think we have earned our salvation we take the victory from God . God did all of the work all we have to do is believe his word.  There is life in the Blood and that brings power. What ever was touched it was atoned for. When we apply the blood  it  is our testimony . The blood of Christ stands in our defense and atones for our sins. We must speak and plead the…

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