Maintaining One’s Objectivity While Surrounded By Insanity

Empathy and Compassion As the Antidote to Chaos by Rev. Paul J. Bern Mass shootings here at home, combined with rumors of wars between Russia, China and the US in every combination you can think of, not to mention the Middle East, are making most of us think the entire world is coming unglued. In […]

For this week’s Bible study we’ll start the Book of Ephesians

Having the Mark of the Spirit [Ephesians chapter 1, verses 1-14] This week we begin our study of the next consecutive book in the New Testament, the book of Ephesians. This book, like the book of Colossians we just finished, was written by the apostle Paul, the twelfth apostle. Among the highlights in this book […]

On Matters of Faith (part two)

On Matters of Faith [John chapter nine part two] by Rev. Paul J. Bern Last week when we left off at verse 23, I was comparing the Pharisee’s shabby treatment of the blind man who had been healed by Jesus to that of many aspiring Christians who have been driven away from mainstream churches. I […]

For this week’s Bible study we’ll conclude the Book of Colossians

Being Full of Grace and Well Seasoned [Colossians chapter four] Today we will be finishing the book of Colossians, and so today will be devoted to chapter four. As you remember, when we finished up chapter three last week we left off where the apostle Paul was writing about the rules for Christian households. In […]