But What Can We Do? (Police Shootings and the Role of the Church)…

what can our churches do to stop the violence, and what is our role to be? read on to find out more.

brandon andress

I would recommend listening to this post above while you read along. There is an emotion that the text just doesn’t capture.

I have been aching the last few days. I am sure you have been as well. I have felt sick and nauseated. I have been both angry and sad. I have had quite a bit to say but then have been driven to a mournful silence.

I had a conversation with a black friend of mine yesterday and she told me how she scared for her own family, and for what kind of future is in store for her two little boys. And it was hard to hear. I haven’t walked a day in the shoes of a black man. I don’t know what it is like on a day to day basis to be a person of color. But I know that my heart breaks when people…

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