Forgive – and move on

forgiveness is a virtue….

Wrestling with Faith - Dancing with Jesus

My wonderful and dear fellow blogger Pastor Jim Bell wrote in one of his posts, from his hospice bed, about forgiveness:

If we do not feel that God forgives us, we cannot forgive ourselves, and if we cannot forgive ourselves, it it is impossible to forgive others.

I owe a great deal of thanks to Pastor Jim. When I first began blogging he was there with loads and loads of encouragement and I dare to say that he is partly the reason why I continued blogging.

forgiveness2.jpgForgivenes is one of my “thorns”… I unfortunately have a really hard time forgiving people if they hurt my loved ones – oh dear, how I struggle.

One question I always ask myself is “was it really that bad??” Usually, it wasn’t. I can deal with that.

On rare occasions, such as that time when a fellow believer hurt my daughter badly by preventing me from…

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