Transitioning to the apostle Luke

From Paul to Luke: Transitioning to Another Apostolic Study

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

Jesus in the clouds

As many of you know, I have spent the last several years on the Progressive Christian Blog, and on my website,, posting a weekly Bible study. The topic has always been the apostle Paul, but at this point I have covered all there is to cover regarding Paul’s writings without becoming repetitious. So, it is time for me to move on to another apostle, this time the apostle Luke, whose Gospel is the lengthiest and most detailed of the four gospels. The Book of Acts, also written by Luke, will be following immediately after.

What I have been doing over these last 4 years is writing what I intend to be a series of Biblical studies on the 3 apostles who were the most prolific writers – Paul, Luke and John. The apostle Paul will be volume 1, Luke volume 2, and so on. Now that I am finished with Paul’s writings, I have started the process of compiling all those studies into a book that will be titled, “The Apostles In Plain English Vol. 1: the Apostle Paul”. This book, which has already been copyrighted, is slated for release in early November, and it will be available on my website and on Amazon. It will present Paul’s letters to the early churches in the order of their appearance in the New Testament, from Romans to Philemon. The price on this book has not yet been set, but this will be a big book, at least 500 pages thick. The release date will be announced on social media, so look for it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Tumblr and, among others.

Next week we start Luke chapter one. Enjoy your week, everyone! Shalom.

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