Gods Gift to Man

some additional Christmas season thoughts about why we celebrate Christ’s birth….

His Grace is Sufficient

Imagine this,

You are suppose to be getting a package in the mail and you are anticipating its arrival. However, you have no idea what this package is, what it looks like, or when it is going to arrive. You only know that you have been waiting for this package for a very long time.

So the day comes and the package is now sitting on your doorstep. But there’s a problem…it’s not what you wanted it to be. The outside is beaten and torn down. It’s not a perfectly wrapped present with a shiny red bow on top. Your family comes out to look at the package and begin to laugh, mocking you saying, “this is what you’ve been waiting on? You mean this is the package that you’ve been so eager to get??” Now you feel hurt and embarrassed because you have put all this time into waiting…

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