A major “thank-you” to all my friends, followers, contacts, and book customers

I wish to take the time to stop and extend a huge ‘thank-you’ to everyone this year who had a part in the success of this ministry, which is partly on-line and partly out in the streets as an ambassador and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. As some of you know, this website and ministry are administered on a 100% voluntary basis. Aside from the sale of a few books here and there, I derive no salary from this Web based missionary work.


But some serious progress has been made this year, most of it recently. Progressive Christian Ministries of Greater Atlanta Inc. is now a 501c3 nonprofit, after spending most of this past year setting aside enough money for the filing fee, which is substantial. Also, we put out a call earlier this year for donations for a replacement computer. I am writing this message on that computer now, and a photo is just below. There is also a photo of all five of my published titles. These are reduced to $9.95, and they’re tax deductible since we’re a 501c3 nonprofit. All digital versions reduced to $3.99, they’re also available in audio format!


This is the computer. It’s an HP Pavilion G7, AMD A8 processor, 4GB ram, 750GB hard disk drive, 17″ screen, Windows 7 SP1. Not bad for a $230.00 investment.

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