This week’s ongoing Bible study will be part 3 of Acts chapter 4

The First Believers Unity in Prayer and Purpose [Acts chapter 4, verses 23-37] For better small-screen browser viewing, click here πŸ™‚ Last week as we continued our in-depth studies of the writings of the apostle Luke, we left off at Acts 4 and verse 22. Peter, John, plus a fair amount of their compatriots, had […]

Free book excerpt #22 from Web pastor, author and blogger Paul J. Bern

β€œThe Apostles In Plain English Vol. 1: the Apostle Paul” by Rev. Paul J. Bern Five years in the making, this first of a series is a lot more than just a compilation of Bible studies. This collection of Paul’s writings presents them from a broader perspective that are much more applicable to modern life […]

Putin’s re-election assures that war is coming soon to the Middle East

Putin’s Re-election and Bible Prophecy: Closing In on Armageddon by Pastor Paul J. Bern [Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39, part 1] For better small screen viewing (phones, tablets,etc.) click here πŸ™‚ The re-election of Russian president Vladimir Putin last Sunday was confirmation for the Trump administration that we must either work together for our mutual […]

This week’s ongoing Biblical studies will move on to part 2 of Acts chapter 4

Concluding Peter’s Lecture at Pentecost [Acts chapter 4, verses 13-21] For better phone or tablet viewing, click here πŸ™‚ Last week in our ongoing study of the writings of the apostle Luke, we left off at verse 12 of Acts chapter 4. At this point, it is still the evening of the day of Pentecost, […]

The teacher’s strike in West Virginia, and what the Bible says about justice, fairness and mercy

Progressive Christianity, Worker’s Rights and Social Justice by pastor Paul J. Bern For better viewing on phones, tablets and other small screens, click here πŸ™‚ The recent settlement of the West Virginia teacher’s strike, which resulted in a 5% pay raise after lasting for nearly two weeks, will soon echo across the landscape of American […]

This week’s ongoing Bible study will be part 1 of Acts chapter 4

Those Who Crucified Christ Put Peter and John In Jail [Acts chapter 4, verses 1-12] For better phone and tablet viewing, click here πŸ™‚ Last week when we completed chapter three of the Book of Acts it was still the Day of Pentecost, and a large crowd had gathered when they heard the sound of […]