This week’s ongoing Biblical study will be part 3 of Acts chapter 20

Paul’s Final, and Emotional, Farewell to the Elders [Acts chapter 20, verses 25-38] by Minister Paul J. Bern Last week when we left off at verse 24, the apostle Paul was addressing the elders he had summoned from Ephesus. This was the same group of men who had spirited Paul out of that city, and […]

My Motivation for Writing is Far Greater Than Money

Outreach to the Multitudes by Minister Paul J. Bern Before I begin my remarks, I wish to start by thanking everyone who reads this for visiting this site/blog. You are not here by accident. In some way, God has directed you here because you are looking for answers, sometimes whether one realizes it or not. […]

This week’s ongoing Bible teaching will be part 2 of Acts chapter 20

Paul Bids Farewell to the Elders From Ephesus Before Continuing On His Journey [Acts chapter 20, verses 13-24] by Minister Paul J. Bern Last week as we left off at verse 12, the apostle Paul had just left Troas after bringing a young man back to health after a fall of some 3 stories. This […]

Sometimes Poverty and Homelessness Have to be Tackled One Person at a Time

Bottles of Water and Eternal Rewards by Minister Paul J. Bern Those of you who from here in Atlanta who know me personally are well aware that every time I’m out and about, I keep my eyes wide open for anyone in significant need. I’m not talking about the usual cadre of panhandlers posing as […]

This week’s ongoing Bible Study will be part 1 of Acts chapter 20

Paul Raises Eutychus From the Dead at Troas [Acts chapter 20, verses 1-12] by Minister Paul J. Bern This week, in our ongoing series on the writings of the apostle Luke, we will be moving on to part one of Acts chapter twenty. As we do so, the apostle Paul is leaving Ephesus, and is […]

To tithe or not to tithe, that is the question, by Minister Paul J. Bern

This week on the Progressive Christian Blog with Author & Web Minister Paul J. Bern; to tithe or not to tithe: that is the question — #tithing #theRealBible #ProgressiveChristian (Please note: starting today this blog will be redirected to my ministry website, For those who are led by the Spirit to donate, please […]