This week’s ongoing Bible study will be part 3 of Acts chapter 4

The First Believers Unity in Prayer and Purpose [Acts chapter 4, verses 23-37] For better small-screen browser viewing, click here 🙂 Last week as we continued our in-depth studies of the writings of the apostle Luke, we left off at Acts 4 and verse 22. Peter, John, plus a fair amount of their compatriots, had […]

Free book excerpt #22 from Web pastor, author and blogger Paul J. Bern

“The Apostles In Plain English Vol. 1: the Apostle Paul” by Rev. Paul J. Bern Five years in the making, this first of a series is a lot more than just a compilation of Bible studies. This collection of Paul’s writings presents them from a broader perspective that are much more applicable to modern life […]

Who, then, do you say you are?

Some Very Hard Questions for ‘Christian America’ By pastor Paul J. Bern To view this in any browser, click here 🙂 The United States has always had a time-honored tradition of being a Christian nation founded by Christians for Christians. This tradition was only recently brought into question by none other than former president Obama, […]

“Left Behind” Gets a Whole New Dimension

Our Political, Business and Religious Leaders Are Ignoring Their Taxpayers, Workers and Membership by Pastor Paul J. Bern To view this on the Web, click here! 🙂 Sooner or later, it happens to each of us. There always will be at least one situation in our lives that we cannot fix, control, explain, change or […]

It’s Time for Churches Everywhere to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Seven Hard Truths Pastors and Their Churches Need to Hear By Rev. Paul J. Bern There were once two parents with a little secret. They managed carefully to hold this secret down for several years. “Santa is coming!” their children sang. “It’s almost too good to believe!” With their mouths, the parents said, “How exciting!” […]

The positive side of error

Human Error And What It Can Teach Us by Rev. Paul J. Bern It has been my observation that people take a great deal of pride and personal satisfaction, not to mention their professional identity, in their educations and professional training. The existence of the Internet constantly reminds us that knowledge is power, but more […]

Bible study this week is the 2nd half of Colossians chapter 1

The Mystery Kept Hidden For Many Generations [Colossians chapter 1, verses 15-29] Last week when we began our study of the book of Colossians, we covered the first half of chapter one. Today we’ll be finishing that up, God willing, as we continue our analysis of the writings of the apostle Paul. As I was […]

This week’s Bible study is Colossians chapter 1

Be Joyful When Giving God Thanks [Colossians chapter 1, verses 1-14] Thanks so much for being here and for choosing to study this first installment of the Book of Colossians for your own Spiritual enrichment. Let’s start our exploration of this joint communique’ of the apostle Paul and his journeyman evangelist Timothy to the early […]

This week’s Bible study will be the rest of 2nd Timothy chapter 2

Calling Out To The Lord With a Pure Heart [2nd Timothy chapter 2, verses 19-26] When we left off at verse 18 last week, the apostle Paul was warning his protege’, or more accurately his deacon Timothy, to be wary of those who had wandered away from the truth and who refused to come back […]

This week’s Bible study will be the first half of 2nd Timothy chapter 2

Being a Good Soldier For Christ [2nd Timothy chapter 2, verses 1-18] Today as we continue our study of the 2nd letter to Timothy as written by the great apostle Paul, we’ll be going over the first half of chapter two because it is rather lengthy. In this chapter, as Paul continues his thoughts on […]