This week’s Bible study will be part 2 of Luke chapter 14

The Great Banquet and Discipleship’s Price Tag [Luke 14, verses 15-34] Hard to read? Click here! 🙂 For today’s study we’ll be moving on to the 2nd half of chapter 14 of Luke’s gospel, where Jesus is a guest at a banquet that has been given in his honor. Our Savior and Redeemer had noted […]

Killing God to Find God

Originally posted on brandon andress:
Human history is a road down which God has painstakingly, patiently, and silently carried a cross. Throughout the Ages, God has absorbed the insults of his accusers and endured the mischaracterizations of his followers.? For they have hurled accusations, misunderstood God’s nature and character, and projected their evil hearts, cruel…