This week’s Bible study will be 1st Timothy chapter 6

Setting the Record Straight About Wealth and Money [1st Timothy chapter 6] Last week when we finished chapter five of 1st Timothy, we read the apostle Paul warning Timothy about entanglement in the sins of others. Some sins, Paul wrote, go ahead of those who are sinning, which is the true origin of a bad […]

This week’s Bible study will be the rest of 1st Timothy chapter 5

Advice From the Apostle Paul to Church Elders and Those Who Aspire To Be [1st Timothy chapter 5, verses 15-25] Today we will be finishing up the fifth chapter of First Timothy from verses fifteen to twenty-five. As we begin today we find the apostle Paul finishing his thoughts about widows and how they should […]

Bible study this week will be the first half of 1st Timothy chapter five

Giving Proper Respect To Women and the Elderly [1st Timothy chapter 5, verses 1-15] Last week when we finished chapter 4, we read the apostle Paul’s warning to Timothy about false prophets, phony healers and deceitful teachers. Do not hesitate, Paul wrote, to put these individuals out of the church, and to warn everyone he […]

This week’s Bible study will be 1st Timothy chapter 3

Some Advice For Today’s Church Leaders From the Apostle Paul [1st Timothy chapter 3] Today we will continue our ongoing study of the apostle Paul’s writings, taking up where we left off last week at the end of chapter two. In this letter to Timothy, Paul cautions him about certain individuals who crave to be […]

This week’s Bible study will be 1st Timothy chapter 2

Settling the Debate About the Role of Women In Church [1st Timothy chapter 2] When we last left off at the conclusion of 1st Timothy chapter one, I concluded with the words, “Love, unconditional love, always wins and triumphs over hate, aggression, fear, and greed.” Today, I will do my best to go deeper with […]