Losing our independence on independence day?

Taking a Stand Against Perpetual War by Rev. Paul J. Bern Here we are, celebrating yet another July Fourth holiday weekend in America. I find it ironic that we call July 4th “Independence Day” when the American people are gradually losing their Constitutional freedoms bit by bit. There can be no doubt that this country […]

Endless War in an Allegedly Christian Nation

The Hypocrisy Of War In A Nation That Professes Christianity by Rev. Paul J. Bern Being the proactive Christian and Jesus follower that I am, I make it my business to follow current events, particularly anything having to do with Israel and the Middle East (since the majority of Bible prophecy has to do with […]

Independence day? How about independence from war and killing?

America’s War Heritage and What It Does To Those Who Served by Rev. Paul J. Bern This Independence Day of 2015, I have decided to write about something that I write about every chance I get, and that topic is the immorality of waging war. In this case, it’s this anti-war message combined with all […]

Religion hasn’t become outmoded. It’s the way it’s being presented.

Are People Abandoning Religion? By Rev. Paul J. Bern A recent poll showed that Americans who consider themselves Christian have dropped from a high of over 85% in the 1970’s to about 70% currently. There can be no question today that organized religion has attendance issues. The Catholic church, to use only one example, has […]

I don’t tolerate legalized criminal behavior, and neither should you

How Much Longer Are We Going to Tolerate This? By Rev. Paul J. Bern I have always strongly believed that it’s not possible to be an effective Christian without taking a stand against social and economic injustice, and against government corruption in all its forms (such as lobbyists at the federal and state levels, who […]

As we celebrate Resurrection Day, the world edges closer to nuclear war

The Nuclear Genie Is Out of the Bottle, and It’s America’s Fault by Rev. Paul J. Bern On July 16th, 1945, the ‘Trinity’ nuclear test plunged humanity into the Atomic Age. The first-ever nuclear bomb was detonated in New Mexico, at the Alamogordo Test Range. Within just days, the first nuclear bomb ever used in […]

America’s doomed drug war: a Progressive Christian perspective

Just this past week in my hometown of Atlanta, Ga., the Georgia State Legislature just passed a bill legalizing the medical use of cannabis oil for the treatment of seizures of various kinds, plus about 7 other illnesses which respond only to cannabis oil treatment to alleviate the symptoms. In other words, illnesses for which […]