For this week’s Bible study of the Book of Romans, we’ll be moving on to chapter 12

Contributing To One Another [Romans chapter 12] Today in our continuing series of studies of the book of Romans, we move on to chapter 12. In this chapter, Paul talks about how we can initiate fundamental change for the better from within ourselves. He then explains how this renewal of self can affect our place […]

For this week’s Bible study, we’ll go over the first half of Romans 15

The God of Hope And Endurance [Romans 15, verses 1-13]   For this week’s Bible study I will begin with the first 13 verses of Romans chapter 15. In these verses, the apostle Paul is talking about how Christians should be building each other up, and of being supportive of one another in the face […]

This week’s Bible study will be the first half of Romans chapter 14.

Accepting One Another Without Being Judgmental [Romans 14; 1-12] Today in our ongoing study of the book of Romans, I will move on to chapter 14. Since there is a lot of subject matter to discuss, I am going to divide this portion of the study into 2 halves out of respect and thoughtfulness towards […]

In today’s study of the Book of Romans, we’ll be exploring chapter nine

We Are All Abraham’s Children Romans 9     In today’s study we will be tackling Romans chapter nine. This chapter is a little bit more lengthy than some, and so I will break it up into several parts for the sake of practicality and brevity. As we begin today, Paul is still elaborating on […]