This week’s Bible study will be the Book of Philemon

Teaching Others About Jesus Refreshes People’s Hearts (the book of Philemon) For this week’s in-depth study of the writings of the apostle Paul, we will take a good look at the book of Philemon (which is between Titus and the book of Hebrews). Philemon was the head of a small home-based church. This was common […]

Bible study this week will be Titus chapter two

Setting a Good Example [Titus chapter 2] Today as we continue our in-depth look at the book of Titus, a book that is not usually mentioned in other Bible teachings I have heard or read in the last few years, we will go over chapter two. As we read through this we find some comments […]

What’s Gone Wrong With Our Churches?

Three Reasons Millennials Are Abandoning Christianity by Rev. Paul J. Bern Chances are that if you are in your 20’s or 30’s, you are not a church member. Polling is now a highly sophisticated industry, and religious organizations are being fed some irrefutable numbers about what is happening among their congregations. In a single generation, […]

Bible study this week is the 2nd half of Galatians 2

Divisions and Interpretations in the Early Church [Galatians 2, verses 11-21] Today we will be finishing up the second half of chapter two of the Book of Galatians. As we open our study, we find the apostle Paul continuing his letter to the church at Galatia. As we begin at verse 11, we find Paul […]

This week’s Bible study will be the 2nd half of Galatians chapter 1

Being the Best Possible Witness For Christ [Ephesians 1, verses 13-24] This week we’ll be finishing up the first chapter of Galatians. There is some very weighty stuff in here, which is why I divided this chapter into two parts. The apostle Paul is continuing his train of thought regarding preaching the true Gospel, and […]

This week’s Bible study will be 2nd Thessalonians chapter 1

Maintaining An Attitude of Thankfulness and Prayer [2nd Thessalonians chapter 1] Today we will begin our study of 2nd Thessalonians in our ongoing study of the writings of the apostle Paul. Since chapter one is fairly short by Paul’s standards, we will be able to cover this quickly and with relative ease before moving on […]

This week’s Bible study will be 1st Thessalonians chapter five

Preparing Ourselves For the Day of the Lord [1st Thessalonians chapter 5] When I closed out 1st Thessalonians chapter four last week, you no doubt recall my interpretation that we are to be living each day of our lives as if it will be our last. I cannot overemphasize this important truth, nor is it […]