Has the American Dream Died, or Did It Just Fall Asleep?

The American Dream Has Become a Nightmare by Pastor Paul J. Bern To view this on my website, or for small screen viewing, click here 🙂 The “American Dream” has at its core an escape from the real world to build a personalized utopia, a custom-made fantasy island of sorts. When we were taught to […]

The immigration debate, president Trump and the Bible

The Progressive Christian Approach to Immigration Reform by Pastor Paul J. Bern To view this in any browser, click here! 🙂 My message for today revolves around what the media and our politicians are saying regarding the topic of immigration reform, as opposed to what the Bible says. We have all heard both sides of […]

Maintaining One’s Objectivity While Surrounded By Insanity

Empathy and Compassion As the Antidote to Chaos by Rev. Paul J. Bern Mass shootings here at home, combined with rumors of wars between Russia, China and the US in every combination you can think of, not to mention the Middle East, are making most of us think the entire world is coming unglued. In […]