Labor Day doesn’t seem to be much cause for celebration for many US workers

America’s Damaged Workforce excerpt from , “Occupying America: We Shall Overcome“ by Rev. Paul J. Bern   For my Labor Day message today, I would like to make some observations about the plight of America’s work force and the strongly negative effect that long-term unemployment is having on our fellow citizens. If we could find […]

The lack of money is not the problem. Money is the problem.

What If We Didn’t Need Money? by Rev. Paul J. Bern (excerpt from his 2012 book, “Occupying America: We Shall Overcome“) What is law enforcement in much of the world, and more noticeably so in the US as of late, being paid to protect? To keep and preserve the peace to be sure, but that’s […]

What does the Bible say about illegal immigration?

The Progressive Christian Approach to Immigration Reform by Rev. Paul J. Bern My message for today revolves around what the media and our politicians are saying regarding the topic of immigration reform, as opposed to what the Bible says. We have all heard both sides of this issue from Republicans and Democrats, from conservative to […]

What should law-abiding citizens do if authorities are criminals?

Submission To Authority: Pro And Con by Rev. Paul J. Bern Here in the early 21st century, we live in a world where authority has gotten completely out of control. America was lied to back in the early 1960’s so our government could start the Viet Nam war. We were lied to about President Kennedy’s […]

Shootings occurring on a daily basis is no accident

Furious America and the Reasons Why by Rev. Paul J. Bern (excerpt from chapter 6 of, “Occupying America: We Shall Overcome“) It seems like every time we turn around, somebody else snaps and goes off and shoots any number of people, many just before killing themselves. People are all up in arms everywhere, asking each […]

The Writings of the apostle Paul: This week — Romans One

Jews And Non-Jews Are One And The Same [Romans chapter 1] Today I will begin a series of studies on the writings of the apostle Paul in the order they appear in the New Testament, beginning with the book of Romans. The book of Romans elaborates on the apostle Paul’s ministry in great detail (others […]

Economic Injustice — America’s Workers Need a Major Turnaround

Solving America’s Economic Problems: What’s the First Step? by Rev. Paul J. Bern (excerpt from chapter 7 of his 2012 book, “Occupying America: We Shall Overcome“) As the financial industry’s largest players have been unleashed by the US Supreme Court (among others) to pursue profit for themselves at all costs, the dreadful consequences have made […]