Giving thanks for a fresh start in 2017

Go Ahead! Hug That Tree and Give Thanks This Holiday by Pastor Paul J. Bern It’s true. I hug people, pets, and trees. I have no children of my own, but I dote on everybody else’s. I go out of my way to treat them all well. I make no bones about it. Call me […]

This week’s Bible study will move on to Ephesians chapter two

Being Saved By Grace [Ephesians chapter two] When we left off last week at the end of chapter one, the apostle Paul is imploring the church at Ephesus to take their faith to a higher level by recognizing the supreme authority of Christ Jesus. As he begins what later became chapter two of this epistle, […]

For this week’s Bible study we’ll conclude the Book of Colossians

Being Full of Grace and Well Seasoned [Colossians chapter four] Today we will be finishing the book of Colossians, and so today will be devoted to chapter four. As you remember, when we finished up chapter three last week we left off where the apostle Paul was writing about the rules for Christian households. In […]

This week’s progressive Christian Bible study: Romans chapter seven

Struggling With Sin [Romans chapter 7] Today’s lesson will take up where we left off last week at the end of Romans chapter 6. Today we’ll tackle chapter seven in my continuing series of Bible studies on the writings of the apostle Paul. As we begin, we find Paul using an illustration from marriage to […]

This week’s Bible study moves on the Romans chapter six

Eternal Life Through Grace [Romans 6] This week we will take up where we left off last week in our complete study of the Book of Romans. As you recall from the end of chapter five, the apostle Paul was in the process of giving a detailed explanation of grace through Christ, the renouncing of […]