Bible study this week will be part 1 of Luke chapter 12

Warnings and Encouragements From Jesus Himself (Luke chapter 12, verses 1-12) To view this in your browser, click here! 🙂 Last week as we closed out our in-depth analysis of Luke chapter 11, we finished a chapter in which Jesus used an invitation from a member of the Sanhedrin – the Jewish ruling council at […]

Stopping the Violence by Ending Inequality

Is Human Equality Ordained By God? Can It Stop the Violence? By Pastor Paul J. Bern Since the dawn of time itself mankind has been plagued by violence. The first instance can be found in the Bible in the book of Genesis. Cain and Abel both offered sacrifices to God, and God accepted Abel’s offering […]

“Sole Survivor: One Man’s Testimony for Christ” is now available

Rev. Paul J. Bern is a Web pastor and radical internet preacher at Progressive Christian Ministries of Greater Atlanta (, and a blogger at the Progressive Christian Blog ( or Additional Christian writing from a more political standpoint can be found at the Second American Revolution Blog, ( and The 99% Blog ( He […]