This week’s Bible study will be part one of Luke chapter 7

On Faith, Healing, Jesus and John the Baptist [Luke chapter 7, verses 1-23] To view this on my website, click here! 🙂 Last week when we concluded our dissection of Luke chapter 6, we left off at the parable Jesus told at the conclusion to his Sermon on the Mount about the wise and the […]

This week’s Bible study will be the second half of Luke chapter three

John the Baptist and the Baptism of Jesus [Luke chapter 3, verses 15-37] This week we will be studying the 2nd half of chapter 3 of the apostle Luke’s gospel, which will include a minor detour into the gospel of Matthew. I am adding this to today’s Biblical teaching because I think it’s necessary in […]

Bible study this week will be the 1st half of Luke chapter three

John the Baptist Prepares the Way [Luke chapter 3, verses 1-14] In this week’s ongoing study of the gospel of Luke, we’ll be moving on to chapter three. Here is where we find ourselves introduced to a now-full-grown John the Baptist, whose birth is foretold in chapter one. As chapter three opens, we find ourselves […]

Bible study this week will conclude John chapter one

The Birth of John the Baptist [Luke chapter 1, verses 57-80] For today’s lesson, we’ll be finishing up the rest of Luke chapter one, which is a pretty long chapter as far as Scripture is concerned. So far we have learned that Luke’s gospel was written – in all likelihood – when the apostle Luke […]