This week’s ongoing Bible study will be part 4 of Luke chapter 22

From Blessed Savior to Accused Perpetrator [Luke chapter 22, verses 54-71] To view this on my website, click here 🙂 Last week as we left off at verse 53, Judas’ betrayal of Christ the Lord had just been completed. A crowd of people, led by Judas Iscariot and accompanied by various authorities, had come to […]

This week’s ongoing series of Biblical studies with author & pastor Paul J. Bern will be part 3 of Luke chapter 22

Portrait of a Traitor [Luke chapter 22, verses 39-53] To view this on my website, click here 🙂 Last week when we left off at verse 38, Jesus had just finished making a point with his disciples as the conversation continued after the Last Supper Passover celebration was over with. While the apostles never took […]

This week’s Biblical study will be part one of Luke chapter 22

Judas and the Last Supper [Luke chapter 22, verses 1-19] If this is not displaying properly, click here 🙂 Last week when we concluded chapter 21 of the Gospel of Luke, Jesus had said all he was going to say to the Twelve – and to ourselves, the readers and students of Christ – regarding […]