Celebrate Thanksgiving by buying and doing nothing

Celebrate Thanksgiving By Buying Nothing This Year by Rev. Paul J. Bern Is there a tradition any more primitive or disgusting practiced across America today than that of Black Friday? Hordes of consumers mob stores for great deals on useless “goods” like flat screen TVs that one must have a cable TV subscription to watch […]

Malala and the Nobel Prize: Setting the standard for the world

Building on Malala’s foundation: Jesus and all God’s children by Rev. Paul J. Bern As I scrolled through the morning news on my computer Friday, it gave me pause when I saw who had won the Nobel Prize for Peace. The Web news said it all: (provided courtesy of CNN) “You have to love Malala. […]

Occupy Wall St has set up shop in Hong Kong. What took them so long?

I Was Just Wondering Why More Christians Don’t “Occupy” or Count Themselves Among “the 99%” by Rev. Paul J. Bern In light of all the recent news reports about the rioting in Hong Kong and the civil war in Syria, I have recently concluded that either an Occupy-style political movement, or the formation of active […]

Our greed-based capitalist system is breaking down. Maybe that’s not so bad after all.

America’s Tax and Monetary Systems Are Broken Excerpts from the book, “Occupying America: We Shall Overcome” by Rev. Paul J. Bern Wall Street has gotten completely out of control when it comes to the salaries, and especially the outrageous bonuses, being paid to top management, sales and other executives. This problem has been ongoing for […]

Those who try to marry religion and politics are setting themselves up for failure

Christian Hypocrisy In Washington DC by Rev. Paul J. Bern Remember when we were kids in school? We used to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag every day. Among other things, the pledge calls us “one nation under God”. Judging from how things are going in Washington these days we have become anything […]

Labor Day doesn’t seem to be much cause for celebration for many US workers

America’s Damaged Workforce excerpt from , “Occupying America: We Shall Overcome“ by Rev. Paul J. Bern   For my Labor Day message today, I would like to make some observations about the plight of America’s work force and the strongly negative effect that long-term unemployment is having on our fellow citizens. If we could find […]

What if Jesus came to Ferguson Mo.? What would he say and do?

What Would Jesus Protest? By Rev. Paul J. Bern It started in the fall of 2011 as most age-defining movements do, with some unrest and some recognition of what is right and wrong. It started with some people willing to take a stand against rampant injustice. And then some more people join. And then some […]