This week’s Bible study will be the first half of Luke chapter four

The Temptation of Jesus [Luke chapter 4, verses 1-21] For this week’s Bible study, we’ll be moving on to Luke chapter four. Since there is so much in here for us to digest, I will be breaking up chapter four into two parts. This is a very well-known passage of Scripture, so all you more […]

This week’s Bible study will be 1st Timothy chapter 1

Saving Us From Our Sins is God’s Top Priority [First Timothy chapter 1] Today we will be moving on to the apostle Paul’s first letter to Timothy, better known simply as First Timothy. As we begin our study of chapter one, we find Paul giving a serious warning to Timothy about false teachers and bogus […]

Is There Any Such Thing As An Unforgiveable Sin?

Is There Any Such Thing As An Unforgivable Sin? By Rev. Paul J. Bern Have you ever done anything that was so bad, you thought God would not or could not forgive you? Believe it or not, this is an everyday occurrence, so you’re not alone. Have you sinned so greatly that all hope is […]