For this week’s Bible study, we’ll close out the book of Romans from a Progressive Christian perspective.

Finishing Up The Book of Romans Today I will complete the study of the book of Romans that I started some weeks ago. I will conclude this series by selecting some passages from the end of chapter 15 through all of chapter 16. The following quotes from Scripture are a summary of Paul’s closing thoughts […]

For this week’s Bible study, we will tackle the second half of Romans 14.

On Conflicting Faith Between Religions [Rom. 14; 13-23]   In today’s Bible study we will finish Romans chapter 14. In this study we will conclude Paul’s train of thought from the first 12 verses that we studied last week concerning judgment that we may pass on one another, consciously or subconsciously, regarding matters of faith. […]

In this week’s ongoing study of the Book of Romans, chaptert 11 is the next one in line

The Olive Tree And The Branches ]Romans 11]   In today’s chronological study of the Book of Romans, the apostle Paul continues his train of thought regarding the Hebrew people versus the remaining nations of the world. He continues to elaborate about the Jews as being God’s chosen people while he explains why that status […]

This week in our chronological study of the Book of Romans, we’ll be moving on to chapter ten.

Confessing Your Faith [Romans chapter 10] This week in the book of Romans we will be moving on to chapter 10. The apostle Paul was a Jewish man just like Christ was, and his zeal for their conversion is well documented. But chapter 10 talks about combining Judaism and Christianity into one faith, and how […]