This week’s Bible study will be part 4 of Luke chapter 12

Jesus Came Not to Bring Peace, but Division [Luke chapter 12, verses 49-59] To view this in your browser, click here! 🙂 Last week in our ongoing study of the writings of the apostle Luke, we concluded part 3 of chapter 12 with Jesus continuing to teach his apostles and the surrounding crowd, which was […]

Bible study this week will be part 1 of Luke chapter 12

Warnings and Encouragements From Jesus Himself (Luke chapter 12, verses 1-12) To view this in your browser, click here! 🙂 Last week as we closed out our in-depth analysis of Luke chapter 11, we finished a chapter in which Jesus used an invitation from a member of the Sanhedrin – the Jewish ruling council at […]

If our elections are truly rigged, then what does the Bible say about that?

The Day Democracy Died by Rev. Paul J. Bern It has come to my attention lately that this summer’s presidential conventions are likely to turn into an all-out brawl. On the Republican side you have Donald Trump’s supporters vs the “anybody but Trump” brigade, while on the Democrat side we find Hillary Clinton’s supporters lined […]