This week’s ongoing series of Biblical studies with author & pastor Paul J. Bern will be part 3 of Luke chapter 22

Portrait of a Traitor [Luke chapter 22, verses 39-53] To view this on my website, click here 🙂 Last week when we left off at verse 38, Jesus had just finished making a point with his disciples as the conversation continued after the Last Supper Passover celebration was over with. While the apostles never took […]

The reasons why cheating never pays, and why cheaters are losers

Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile, the D.N.C., and the Bible by Pastor Paul J. Bern To view this on my website, click here 🙂 By now nearly everyone who gets their news from the Alternative Media has heard or read yesterday’s news release about former Democratic National Committee chairman Donna Brazile’s new book about her […]