This week’s Biblical study will be part 1 of Acts chapter 2

The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost [Acts chapter 2, verses 1-21] For viewing in any browser, click here 🙂 Last week when we concluded our study of chapter one of the Book of Acts, Matthias had just been elected by straw poll to replace the disgraced Judas. These were the 12 apostles from that point […]

This week’s Biblical teaching will be part 3 of Luke chapter 19

Jesus Gets Treated Like a Rock Star [Luke chapter 19, verses 28-48] To view this in any browser, click here! 🙂 Last week when we left off at verse 27 of Luke’s gospel chapter 19, Jesus had just finished telling the parable of the ten ‘minas’ as he spoke about using that which God has […]