On the Very Touchy Subject of Abortion

What Does The Bible Tell Us About Abortion? by Rev. Paul J. Bern Many people presume that a human being is created at the time of conception, but this belief is not supported medically or by the Bible. The fact that a living sperm penetrates a living ovum resulting in the formation of a living […]

In today’s progressive Christian Bible study, we’ll be finishing Romans chapter eight

We Are More Than Conquerors Through Christ Romans 8, verses 29-39 Last week we discussed Romans chapter 8 up to verse 30. This week, to put things into their proper context, we will start at verses 28-30 from last week’s study to maintain the continuity of what St. Paul is trying to communicate with us. […]

When it comes right down to it, how Christian is America?

How Christian Is The USA – Really? By Rev. Paul J. Bern The United States has always had a time-honored tradition of being a Christian nation. This tradition has only recently come into question by none other than president Obama, who earlier this year said that “America is not a Christian nation”. Contrary to what […]

The lack of money is not the problem. Money is the problem.

What If We Didn’t Need Money? by Rev. Paul J. Bern (excerpt from his 2012 book, “Occupying America: We Shall Overcome“) What is law enforcement in much of the world, and more noticeably so in the US as of late, being paid to protect? To keep and preserve the peace to be sure, but that’s […]

This week’s Bible study will be Romans chapter eight, verses 18-30

The Glory That Is In Store For Us [Rom. 8; 18-30] For today’s lesson we will continue in the book of Romans in chapter eight, beginning at verse 18. This part of Romans gives Christians everywhere hope for a blessed future that awaits all true believers. One could call this part of the Bible a […]

What does the Bible say about illegal immigration?

The Progressive Christian Approach to Immigration Reform by Rev. Paul J. Bern My message for today revolves around what the media and our politicians are saying regarding the topic of immigration reform, as opposed to what the Bible says. We have all heard both sides of this issue from Republicans and Democrats, from conservative to […]