Does God Send Emails? Sure Does!

If God Sent An Email To Our Leaders By Rev. Paul J. Bern Given the state of affairs of leadership in general throughout the world, and particularly here in the US with the current crop of Christian “leaders” such as Sarah Pailin, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckaby and Michelle Bachman, I can’t help but wonder what […]

This week’s Bible study will be the first half of Luke chapter two

The Birth of Jesus [Luke chapter 2, verses 1-24] For today’s study we’ll be moving on to Luke chapter 2, or the story of Jesus’ birth. No matter what time of year you read this, this classic and timeless story of everything surrounding the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is a story […]

Using God’s Word to Fight Back

Ways to Fight Back Against an Evil and Dangerous World By Rev. Paul J. Bern America’s electoral process plows ahead towards what could turn out to be a Constitutional meltdown, although I sure hope not. Meanwhile, ever greater numbers of our senior citizens live into their 100’s while mired in poverty. The horrific specter of […]

Bible study this week will conclude John chapter one

The Birth of John the Baptist [Luke chapter 1, verses 57-80] For today’s lesson, we’ll be finishing up the rest of Luke chapter one, which is a pretty long chapter as far as Scripture is concerned. So far we have learned that Luke’s gospel was written – in all likelihood – when the apostle Luke […]

Russia and the US In Bible Prophecy

The Confrontation Between Russia and the US Found In the Bible, and the Outcome Doesn’t Look Very Good For America by Rev. Paul J. Bern I’m quite sure everyone is well aware by now of the rising tensions between Russia and the United States over Syria, the Ukraine, and the Crimean peninsula. Although the roots […]

This week’s Bible study will be the second part of Luke chapter one

The Birth of Jesus Christ Foretold [Luke chapter 1, verses 26-56] Today we will take up where we left off last week in our in-depth study of the Gospel of Luke, beginning at verse 26 of chapter one. As we begin, the birth of John the Baptist, Jesus’ predecessor, has just been foretold, and the […]

The Human Catastrophe Called Aleppo

Weeping For Aleppo by Rev. Paul J. Bern The Syrian Civil War has been raging for five years now. It is, to say the least, a multifaceted conflict. Aleppo is the capitol city of Syria, with roughly the same population as Houston, Texas. One of the primary reasons it’s in the news a lot is […]

Today we start a new series on the writings of the apostle Luke

The Apostle Luke Series, Installment One [Luke chapter 1, verses 1-25] Today I will begin a new series of Bible studies, the gospel according to Luke, an apostle of Christ Jesus, who is the Son of God, hallelujah! Chapter one of Luke’s gospel is 80 verses long, so I’m breaking this first chapter up into […]